Large selection of tokens

Supported token types

Modern MFA solutions like LinOTP and the KeyIdentity MFA platform support a wide range of token. Particularly in enterprise environments and B2C scenarios, there is a need to offer a variety of token in an implementation to accommodate all the different use-cases, risk-levels and cost considerations.

Software tokens

  • KeyIdentity Authenticator
    • KeyIdentity QR token
    • KeyIdentity QR TAN
  • All OATH-compatible mobile tokens
    • Google Authenticator
    • FreeOTP
    • Micorosoft Authenticator
    • and more
  • All FIDO U2F-compatible soft tokens
  • mOTP-compatible soft tokens

Hardware tokens

  • Gemalto SafeNet eToken Pass
  • Feitian c100 c200 c300
  • SmartDisplayer
  • VASCO OATH Token
  • Yubico Yubikey
  • Gemalto OATH Token
  • NagraID
  • All OATH-compatible tokens
  • All FIDO U2F-compatible tokens

Server tokens

LinOTP contains various server-integrated tokens. These enable the use of out-of-band tokens (OOB) or functionalities beyond the standard.

  • SMS tokens
    • based on guidelines
    • multiple backends possible
    • support of HTTPS, SMTP und  SMPP protocols
  • E-mail tokens
  • One-Time-Use Password

Functionalities such as automatic rollout and synchronization of tokens make them easy and transparent to use.

Integrated tokens

With its modular architecture, LinOTP allows for the smooth migration of legacy systems, flexible setup via complex network infrastructures or the management of roaming users. Optimize your resources and implementations.

  • Forwarding tokens
  • RADIUS tokens
  • Remote tokens

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