Which user has which access rights and why?

MIRA - User Access Governance

Simplify the management of access rights and discover a unique user experience!

The new Keyidentity User Access Governance Solution MIRA is the right solution for IT experts who no longer want to deal with the tedious distribution of individual rights and executives who want to make the re-certification of authorizations easier and more comprehensible. Get to know the radically innovative, unique approach of KeyIdentity MIRA!

A simple and understandable model that describes why a user has certain access rights and thus creates transparency for managing directors and IT experts did not exist until now. When changes are made to the structure, the rights are not automatically provisioned. 

The radically innovative approach of the new User Access Governance solution MIRA now gives decision makers and technicians the opportunity to focus completely on their regular tasks, as MIRA depicts a complete model, which includes: 

  • Automatic provisioning of accesses including necessary compliance enforcement options - in this way, toxic combinations are prevented even beyond system boundaries and the cyclical verification of rights is ensured.
  • Manageability: Extremely simplified access management - save time and focus back on your core tasks
  • Sustainability: Implementation and operation with little effort for all user groups (IT administrators, support, end users)
  • Agility: scalable solution that can cope with the continuous changes in organisation, processes and IT
  • Security: concept of minimum permissions, separation of tasks within the company and its processes
  • Extremely user-friendly authorization certifications

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