Multi-factor authentication

Modern security for your digital assets

Your digital assets face new attacks and threats. Protect your data effectively with modern multi-factor authentication. We are happy to help you with an offer that fits your requirements.


The LinOTP MFA platform offers a portfolio of secure, integrated, flexible and transparent products. The modular and future-proof design of the LinOTP MFA platform offers you reliable protection – now and in the future.

  • The LinOTP Smart Virtual Appliance and native packaging provides you with a secure, flexible and scalable foundation for the rollout and operation of your authentication solution – on-premise and in the cloud.
  • The LinOTP Authentication Providers allow for a scalable and easy integration of MFA into your desktop and server environments on Windows, macOS or Linux. The LinOTP MFA platform also offers modern push token procedures as well as offline authentication. Expand your login processes with a future-proof, strong authentication that matches your risk level.
  • The LinOTP Authenticator enables secure and easy-to-use smartphone-based scenarios. It offers push and QR tokens to meet increased security requirements, while having a high level of usability and acceptance by end users. Offline OTP functionality extends the usability of MFA to your employees on the move.

Secure usability

Allow your users to enjoy a high level of usability by using modern push and QR tokens without compromising security.

LinOTP's push and QR tokens' high level of usability and acceptance by end users is enabled through the use of modern smartphone platforms. At the same time, the built-in transaction binding facilitates a higher degree of security and traceability than classic hardware tokens.

Flexible application

The wide range of supported token types allows you to make the right choice for all use cases in your company, according to your usability, security and cost savings needs.

You can decide at user, group or role level, which tokens to use, depending on the application scenario and risk level.

One-time and time-limited tokens allow any token types to be set up for external and short-term access without the risk of overprovisioning or runtime errors.


The modular and flexible design allows LinOTP to adapt and scale to future scenarios. LinOTP grows with your company.

The possibilities for smooth migration allow the integration of legacy 2FA authentication while safeguarding investments made. No matter whether you are replacing your own solution or integrating a new business unit into your environment.

LinOTP scales into large environments and can grow from a small redundant VM to complex, internationally distributed environments while maintaining data.

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